Step Into My Office

I’m really excited to finally show off the new office. I got the keys just before Christmas and it’s taken a few weeks to get everything together, but it’s pretty much there!

Why the new space?

I’ve been working from home pretty much since the start of the pandemic, barring being back in an office for a couple of months before going freelance. When we first went to working from home in the last business, I was pretty much set up for it. I used my spare room as an office and had decorated it as a little cinema room / workspace. For the most part, as an introvert, it suited me well and I didn’t really have many issue with it.


Needless to say when I went freelance and set up eighty® with my brother, I was good to go! I had some ideas on how I would adapt the space and continue to make it my own and was fortunate enough to have that. Over time though as I started going on more shoots again and meeting clients face to face, I started to get reminded of the benefits of working around other people and ‘being in the mix’ so to speak. Plus, I’ve always like the idea of having my own ofice… I love a good workspace and my insta feed is 80% #setups. I felt like a dedicated work space away from home would be healthy, and it was an ambition of mine that I wanted to work towards.


Thankfully I’ve gotten off to a good start hitting my goals and there’s more to come there, so I felt like now was as good a time as any to push on and get the keys. With eighty® being a boutique studio we both usually work from home, but this will be a great place to collaborate as a waypoint and hold meetings but mostly just somewhere I can get creative and stay focused.

Where's it at?

I’ve been a part of the DMC family for around 8 years, since I first started working in the building working for an agency, before the DMC expanded into The Seam, a digital campus. Since then, I’ve been in 8+ office spaces (with only 2 businesses!) as they’re super flexible with moving around, expanding and downsizing depending on what’s available. Other than the familiarity, amazing team running the show and friendly faces and collaborators still in the building I’ve know for years, they offer a great service that you can only otherwise find in bigger cities. 


What's Next?

I’m trying to document my journey as I go and this is something I feel proud of as a culmination of all the hard work so far, just scratching 4 months in. As seen in the video, I’m pretty much 100% moved in and have been working from here for the past few weeks. Now I keep pushing on with plenty of photography, video and development work in the books!


Looking to pop in for a chat, book me or have a quick game on Halo? Drop me a line below.