5 Productivity Apps For 2022

Hello New Year...

We’re all gearing up for a successful and productive 2022, so I thought it would be good to share some resources that have been really useful to me over time to hopefully help you streamline your workflow, even if just a little. I’ve linked all of the apps mentioned at the bottom of the article.

ClickUp 📈

ClickUp is a browser-based online project management system that can be used for just about anything. I’ve been using it for some months now to keep track of the status of my projects, some aspects of billing and for it’s checklist and organisational features that make it more efficient to run through a development sprint.


It’s great for users working solo or as part of a team and also offers paid features. If you’re looking at Asana, Monday.com or Wrike, I’d give this a go first. It’s by all means not perfect, but worth a shot as it’s free!

Headway 📚

If you’re interested in reading non-fiction, self-help or self improvement books but don’t have the time in your day to make room for this, I’d highly recommend Headway. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it’s been a perfect companion for quick injections of motivation on a morning or during a lunchtime walk.


Headway condenses down popular books on philosophy, finance, self-help and more into 15minute reads (I prefer the audiobook function). This allows you to get a distilled version of the books hitting all the highlights and key info. You can always buy the full book later if you’re really into it.

Calendly 📆

Calendly is a newer one for me but is something I started to notice amongst my clients and other business owners. It’s an efficient way to link potential clients or colleagues to a user-friendly calendar that allows them to book a time slot with you for a video call, according to your predefined availability. On a basic level you can set repeating slots to be bookable, which allows you to be in control of your time and how you spend it.


You can also open this up to your calendar for more flexibility and allow users to book any time or specific time-frames that work for you. There are both free and paid options available for this app.

Tiimo ⏰

If you’re really trying to stay focused and want to get granular with time-management, tiimo provides a great visual daily planner that you can fully customise to help you keep track of your day by setting up daily, weekly or monthly tasks and breaking them down into smaller lists where applicable. You can also sync your calendars so new and existing appointments and tasks there will sync through to the app.


This app works on paid subscriptions but does offer a free trail so you can give it a go and try it on for size.

Journal 📓

So this isn’t technically an app, but there are a bunch of apps out there that can help with this (I prefer pen and paper to improve the focus on what I’m writing). Whatever you use to do this, keeping a daily journal can be a great way to help establish some routine if that’s what you’re after. It can also help you to break down the bigger picture in work and your home life to help you stay in control of your thoughts, making you more productive and focused all-round.


Some journals such as Mind Journal offer some structure and guidance to help you get started, so you can ease into it as a practice and see how it goes.

Quick Links

Here are some quick links to the resources mentioned in this blog:


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